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Cleaning Cats Has Never Been Easier. No More Horror Shows!

Washing cats usually turns into a horrific nightmare. No one wants to get fully dressed for war every time they have to give their cat a simple bath. Especially when it usually ends up with being covered in battle scars for weeks. The Steamy Pet Brush is a shower, brush, and massage all in one. Pet grooming is vital for pets' everyday health because it removes old hair, fur, and debris. Simply add water or pet friendly cleaning solution to the Steamy Pet Brush, push the button and start brushing. This brush keeps your pets coat healthy, clean, and odor free by spraying your pet gently while brushing. The Steamy Pet Brush is excellent at removing dead hairs and knots which prevents matting. The spray function not only cleans your pets but also prevents hair from flying all over your house. Enjoy a clean house and clean pet.


Comfort For Your Pets

The Steamy Pet Brush has soft bristles and round edges to ensure comfort for your pet. This brush is gentle on the skin which is great for animals with sensitive skin and are easily irritated.  Good for brushing around sensitive areas like head and face.

Massaging Is Essential

The Steamy Brush is great at massaging because of its soft brush head. Regularly massaging your pets improve their general wellbeing. Using this brush will keep your pet's skin healthy, improve circulation, increase human/animal bond, and improve hair growth. 

Versatile For All Kinds of Hair

It doesn't matter if your dog has short, thick, silky, curly, medium, or long hair. This brush will make them shine and feel fantastic.

Great For Animals Who Don't Like Water

Cleaning some animals, such as cats, can be such a hassle. Cats do not enjoy being dropped in a tub of water, doing so usually leads to a fight and a couple scratches. The Steamy Brush is a perfect way to clean a cat or any water defiant animal without the hassle.

The Steamy Brush comes with a charging cable.