Utility Sharpener

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Stone Configuration : Diamond Stone
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🔪Upgrade to any diamond stone package and get a FREE Finger guard🔪

An Original design that keeps the perfect sharpening angle


  • No setup time
  • No clamping the blade
  • Instantly ready to sharpen your knives and tools
  • Extremely simple to use

Elegant design that matches any kitchen

Other Highlights:

  • Adjustable Angle (10° to 40°) built in goniometer (precise angle adjustment)
  • Built to last. Zero contact between the slide and stone

  • Can be used on any non-serrated knife
  • Easily switch between fine and coarse stones
  • Install the guided arm for organic free-hand sharpening

Purchasing Options:

  1. Full Package: Dual Grit Diamond Stone (400/1000 grit), Leather Strop + Compound
  2. Stones Only: Dual Grit Diamond Stone (400/1000 grit)
  3. No Stone (You need to have your own 180mm x 60mm x 8mm Stone)
  4. Diamond Stone & Leather Strop + Compound + Guided Arm

You will receive (depending on option selected):

  • Dual Grit Diamond Stone (400/1000 grit)
  • Sharpening fixture with slide (standard)
  • Reusable cardboard box for storage (standard) 
  • Strop with green compound(optional)
  • Guided Adjustable Sharpening Arm (optional)