Golf Laser

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Did You Know 87% Of Golfers Can't Line Up Their Putts Accurately...⛳️

Poor alignment is the major cause of missed puts. The Golf Laser is a cutting-edge device designed to enhance your putting skills through practice and boost your overall performance on the green. 

Easy Set Up

Push the sleeve from the head to the direction of the grip and push the sight from the bottom and upwards. Then you can adjust the sight left and right until the light is at a 90-degree angle to the club head. Easy as that!

Take Control Of Your Game

This laser allows you to visualize the ideal trajectory of your putter stroke, helping you adjust your stance, alignment, and power for more accurate and consistent results.

Achieve Perfect Swing Alignment

Using the Golf Laser, golfers gain better awareness of their swing path, allowing them to correct flaws and develop a more consistent and repeatable swing motion. It helps them align their clubface accurately throughout the swing, reducing shot dispersion and promoting a square clubface position at impact.