Car Cup Holder with Tray

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🚗Adjustable cup holder tray, attached to the front seat or back seat cup holder, provides a convenient place for your favorite snacks, burgers, French fries, fast food boxes, keys, and other small items. 🥤🍟

  • Universal Cup Holder Tray

The base of the tray can be adjusted, the cup slot is unlimited, and the telescopic diameter is 2.5-3.75 cm. It is universally used in various models on the market, car off-road vehicles, etc.

  • Anti-slip Cushion

The car cup tray is equipped with anti-slip cushions. Sponge cushions fill the gaps in the base to reduce vibration and stabilize the cup holder. The cup holder has a buckle design to ensure that the cup does not collide or be damaged. No m atter how bumpy the road conditions are, the cup will be stable and quiet.

  • Easy Access to Installation 

Cup Holder Expander Tray for Car installs without tools. Easy to install and remove in seconds. Easily fits perfectly with the base.

  • Good Load-bearing

After the support rod is thickened and upgraded, the maximum load-bearing capacity is 18kg. We use the card slot interface to directly insert the tray to make the tray support more stable. Our cup holder tables feature a 360° rotation function and an articulated arm design, allowing you to adjust the table to the perfect position or rotate the tray back and forth between you and the passengers.

  • Split Disassembly

It can be disassembled and assembled for cleaning. Besides, it has two cup holders at the same time, which can meet the daily needs of the main driver and passenger on co-pilot, expanding the space in the car.


Each unit easily installs into any size cup holder using a rotatable base that extends the width of the base so you can get a strong, snug fit for your vehicle!


Color: Matte Black
Material: ABS
Tray Size: 6.3 x 10 inches
Cup Holder Size: 6.2 x 2.3 inches